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Your child will need a named waterproof coat every day.
please also ensure they have a snack and drink in school every day.
Class Routines

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PE Kit

English/Topic Homework (As Set)


PE Kit

English/Topic Homework (As Set)


PE Kit

Maths Homework Due In

English/Topic Homework (As Set)


PE Kit

Maths Homework Due In

English/Topic Homework (As Set)


Ancient Greeks Mental Maths Test

Spelling Test

English/Topic Homework (As Set)

Curriculum Overview (Autumn Term 2)


Initially using ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, our class-reader by Michelle Magorian, we will explore and write for a range of purposes across different genres. We will focus on describing settings, creating dialogue, writing emotive 3rd person narrative and creating formal scripts for our own political address performances. We will continue to use figurative language and poetic devices such as metaphor, simile, pathetic fallacy and personification to make our writing more vivid and will revisit the full range of KS2 punctuation, using this for effect.

We will also launch a new WW2 themed reading challenge to further inspire the children’s love of reading and to increase reading stamina.

Our class reader will by Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian.


Year 5 children will focus on creating and interpreting data from a range of graphs and tables. We will consolidate written methods in multiplication and division and learn how to measure perimeter and area.

Year 6 children will spend a large amount of time manipulating, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. We will also look at position and direction in Geometry. We will also look at square, cube and prime numbers.


In Science, Badgers will continue learning about how humans and other animals change and grow throughout their lives. Later in the term, we will be learning about ‘forces’. We will conduct experiments relating to gravity, air resistance, water resistance and gear mechanisms.


We will learn about Judaism, God and the Covenant and The Torah. The coming of age ceremonies: Bar and Bat Mitzvah. We will also consider the importance of Shabbat.


Our topic this half term is WW2 and we will focus on how our lives have been shaped today as a result, linking it to local family history such as the settlement of families in the area following evacuation. We will place key events from this period using timelines and be able to describe these effectively, using a range of media.


We will be focussing exploring the following: clothing vocabulary (indefinite article), the adjectives for clothing and adjectival order and agreement and then reading a short text describing clothing. Next, we will be preparing and writing a text to describe a super-hero outfit. Finally, we will play Christmas Cluedo using, who, with and where’ sentences.


We will continue to use ‘Scratch’ – adding voices and creating animations. We will create presentations and use documents and editing tools. Finally, we will explore the difference between the internet and the WWW and consider the authenticity of information.


Badgers will focus on appreciating and understanding the context of music linked to WW2 to help them develop an understanding of the history of music.


We will focus on how to create and maintain healthy relationships and being a good friend. We will consider our differences and explore being assertive, tolerant and always doing your best.


In Art, we will continue working on our Greek-themed pottery. Our project will culminate in a mini-exhibition of our work in the classroom which we hope to share with you via our Badgers Facebook page. Towards the latter half of the term, we will be experimenting with techniques for using charcoal in creating some striking WW2 themed artwork.


Every week we will practise different skills for use in a range of invasion games. Our primary focus will be hockey and we will learn the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, interception, transition and shooting. We will play small sided competitive games and will look at developing decision making and game play tactics.

How Can You Help Your Child At Home


Encourage your child to read 5 times per week x 20 minutes+ at a time & add to reading log. Please also engage in reading and book-talk with them – this is imperative in developing their comprehension skills and a genuine understanding of what they have read.

Audio-books can be used to supplement reading and provide children with well modelled pronunciation and language construction. The BBC Iplayer has free to access books or your local library have audio e-books which are easily accessible.


Children coming into year 4 should be secure in their 12 x 12 timetables and all of the related division facts e.g. 5 x 7 = 35, so 35 divided by 7 is 5. keep encouraging your child/ren to practice their weekly Annihilate the Ancient Greek worksheet – copies can be supplied if requested.

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