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Our curriculum is broad, balanced, engaging and accessible. By working with the Cornerstones Maestro online curriculum platform, we have broken down the composite national curriculum objectives into focussed, progressive granular steps which clearly define to children how to be successful in their learning. North Newton Children therefore have a curriculum which enables them to build their knowledge and skills, consolidating and embedding their learning and enabling them to flourish through their years of education and beyond into later life.

Assessment of Progress

In order for us to provide the right learning experiences for your children we need to know what they can do and what they have learned. We do this by making daily assessments about how well the children have learned during a lesson and planning the next steps of learning accordingly.

This enables the class teacher or teaching assistant to adjust the learning journey in order to target the needs of individual children through further challenge or individualised support.

As well as this ongoing assessment we need to keep a track of how they are doing against national standards and have half termly assessments to monitor this. This also informs the teacher as to what your child needs to learn next.

Teachers meet each short term with SLT to ensure that any barriers to learning or challenges are identified to maximise the learning of all children.

We will share targets with you each term at parent teacher meetings or in end of year reports.

The school is measured externally by the results of assessments at the end of year 2 and SAT’s tests at the end of year 6.

Do you want to find out more about our curriculum?

If you would like to find out more about the curriculum provided for the children at North Newton Primary School then please contact the office who will put in touch with the most appropriate member of the school leadership team.

Whole School Curriculum

Curriculum Maps

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Whole School Wider Curriculum Coverage





Children are encouraged to participate fully in the musical life of the school, as we believe that as well as developing their musical knowledge children can develop their self-esteem, social skills and confidence through music and the arts.

We encourage creativity and provide opportunities for the children to perform and present their learning throughout their time at North Newton Primary School.



In all aspects of school life we aim to promote the personal and social development of children. We aim to develop an understanding of basic life skills, interpersonal skills and how to look after ourselves.


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