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Reading Logs and Books


Reading Logs and Books


Reading Logs and Books

PE Kits

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Reading Logs and Books

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Curriculum Overview


We will be using the story, The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon as our key text. Children will create fact files on endangered animals as well as persuasive letters on why we need to save a particular endangered animal. We will focus on different types of sentences, questions, statements, exclamations and commands. Children will be encouraged to edit work and recognise nouns, verbs and adjectives throughout.

Towards the end of term, we will look at rhyming poems where we will look at writing in character and will innovate a poem to make it their own.


Children will continue with addition and subtraction of 2 two-digit numbers before solving word problems. We will learn about counting money, how to compare amounts and find change.

Towards the end of half term, we will learn multiplication by making equal groups and understand our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Children will be taught to give reasoning for their understandings through solving word problems.


Our topic for science is living things and their habitats. This involves learning about different types of animals, plants and how they are suited to a particular habitat. We will look at microhabitats and investigate how animals adapt to their surroundings. We will also learn about food chains and be able to identify and classify different sources of food.


We will begin by naming the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world before exploring different aspects of the Arctic. These will include the Arctic Circle, climate, physical features, animals, Arctic towns and cities with a comparison to the United Kingdom.


Children will revise Y1 common exception words and recap phase 5 phonemes to ensure that they are being used to decode unfamiliar words. We are also looking at phase 6 spelling patterns for words ending with a suffix.

Art / DT

Will be linked with the Arctic theme and will create a printed piece of art by pressing, rolling, rubbing and stamping. Children will create art in response to the work of Van Gough. Children will create an Arctic themed scene using tools and materials, thinking about how they can join these in different ways.

Religious Education

We will finish our learning of Hinduism by celebrating with a Diwali festival to create artwork and consolidate the learning of Rama and Sita and the story of Krishna.

We will then be looking at Judaism and learning about the Torah, shabbat celebrations, a synagogue and a Jewish home / wedding.

Computing / ICT

Develop knowledge and understanding of online safety and different methods of communication. IT will be used as a cross curricular link with Art to produce Arctic themed work.


We will be introducing the Zones of Regulation which is a way of helping children to recognise and manage their emotions. We will also look at valuing difference and accept that not everyone is the same whilst considering what makes us who we are and how we make others feel?

Physical Education

Every week children will practise different skills such as spatial awareness, movement skills, and games to develop big and small ball skills.


We will learn to use our voices to speak, sing and chant songs. We will also clap different rhythmic patterns. We will be listening to different music and saying what we like and do not like. We will also learn to follow instructions on when to play and sing.


We will be having PE sessions on Monday and Thursday. To ensure that no learning time is lost we would like your children to come into school wearing their PE kit on Mondays only. Children will need to bring PE kit to school in a bag on Thursdays, they will be changing in the classroom after lunch. PE kit should consist of white PE t-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers (an unbranded sweatshirt is required for winter weather).


It is important that children bring in their reading books and reading logs every day as we often have adults hear them read in school and so that we can change books as often as required. One of the most important ways in which you can support your child’s learning is to ensure that they engage with 10 – 15 minutes reading every day. This can consist of hearing them read their school reading book or sharing books that you have at home. Please make a small comment in the child’s reading log so that we can monitor progress in school and reward your child with house points for regular reading. If your child is given a reading challenge to complete at home, I would appreciate your encouragement towards them to complete this as it will help to challenge them in thinking about the text and develop their comprehension skills.

Spellings / Phonics

Spelling tests will continue to take place in school every Friday morning. Please encourage your children to practise these at home. We suggest writing these in as many ways as possible such as rainbow writing (using a different colour for each letter) or when practising handwriting skills.

The phonics screening check that was delayed due to Covid-19 is now due to take place in December. It would be great if you could support your child at home using resources from Twinkl or websites such as phonicsplay.co.uk. If you need further guidance with supporting your child with spellings practise or phonic knowledge, then please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Mental Maths

Mental Maths test build on the progression of the skills needed within the National Curriculum and will help your child in all aspects of maths lessons.

Every Thursday a blank test will be glued into the book so you can see the format the following test will take. Please don’t fill this in at home as it is there to be ready for the actual test. The test will continue to take place every Thursday as a class and we will give approximately 5 minutes for the test to be completed.

How Can You Help Your Child At Home

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