As a school, we try to instil the importance of online safety to safeguard our pupils.

The internet is exciting and contains a wealth information and when used appropriately can add value to learning and understanding. There are other aspects which, if not monitored carefully, has the potential to cause harm and have a negative impact on our pupils. As parents, it is our duty to set appropriate boundaries and talk to our children to ensure they use the internet safely.

For further information, please use these sites to help you, as parents, help educate and safeguard your children. Allowing your child free access to the internet, when they are accessing games inappropriate to their age, could be deemed a safeguarding issue. Please do your bit!

PANTS for KS1: Underwear Rule Resources

PANTS campaign for KS1 which helps children identify their body parts and learn how to stay safe. This this is aimed at keeping children safe from sexual abuse without mentioning the word ‘sex’. Each line of PANTS covers a different part of the underwear rule and provides simple but valuable lessons that can keep a child safe.

E-Safety Awareness Training

Teaching resources
Parental Controls
elearning guide
Streaming & Gaming guide