Badgers’ WWII Occupation Domination Reading Challenge!

Welcome to this half term’s WW2 linked Reading Challenge. This time, years 5 and 6 are pitched against each other in a bid to dominate the map of Europe by sticking pins of occupation in a country for every complete book read.

  • Choose a fiction title linked to World War II
  • Read a non-fiction book about World War II
  • Try one of our author-focus books (Morris Gleitzman or Robert Westall)
  • Pick up an Aquilla Magazine

Reading any of these genres will enable you to add either an Ally or an Axis ‘pin’ to our Occupation Map – or you can choose to remove the enemy’s pin instead! Who will claim Victory before Christmas and Win the War?

Also, every time a parent signs off a book, you can claim a genre sticker for your Reading Log!

Are You Ready to Learn?

In addition to this excitement, we continue in our drive to reward pupils who are well-prepared, have the correct equipment to start working efficiently and who settle to tasks quickly, with our WW2 themed reward system.

Anyone nominated by any adult Badgers are working with at the time can be recognised for behaviours that show being ‘Ready to Learn’. They then get their name added to the genuine Tommy’s helmet we have in class and every Weds a lucky winner is pulled out at random. Prizes include: a hot drink at Break, use of the classroom to watch a film with friends at Lunchtime, using Mr Day’s fancy chair for the day and many more…