April 2023: Awaiting election for our new school council representatives.

After a number of years running our School Council, we have improved this initiative by giving the opportunity to discuss matters to all children.

Pupil Voice is very important; we prefer to discuss how to make certain improvements and because every pupil is valued, they should all have a chance to put forward their thoughts.

During Class Time

We have made democratic decisions on

  • Class Rules
  • Homework agreement
  • Games and activities to play
  • Aspects of learning (in Topic, for example) which the children want to learn about
During Assemblies

We have made democratic decisions when choosing

  • House Names
  • Inter-House Song Choices
  • Playtime Improvements
Whole School Democratic Votes

For children to vote on

  • May King and Queen
  • School Motto
  • Names of Bug Houses
Unique children with individual ideas!

We listen to all opinions and selecting what we feel would be the best outcome – by asking all of the pupils!

The older pupils often come with ideas, and we then discuss and share the ideas to condlude the most effective way forward.

Some things, we simply can’t do, but some ideas have worked… even when many thought impossible… just look behind Badgers Classroom!

“They teach us until it gets stuck in our heads”

Ofsted Inspection 2023: Pupil Voice